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We believe our Service is the only strength which teach us to grapes market share through referrals after a break-through and always been the prime factor for our success.We well understand our survibility solely depends with a smile on Customer's face. No matter what we sacrifice but deliver what we commits.


We promise and deliver 24X7 Service Support for our valued Corporate Customers. We cover almost 60% in this segment by holding around 1860 population in 12 Districts across Odisha. We offer AMC/CAMC services for 10 different Telecom Companies along with Periodical Maintenance / Scheduled Overhauling / Emergency Breakdown and feel proud by assisting them maintaining their Network up-time.


Looking to the present Market scenario which is a practical tool designed to help you make sure that you have a winning marketing strategy to support your brand. For us RETAIL segment is one-to-one Customer and over the last 3 years we all experiencing a sustainable growth of our brand population by 20% and still many miles to go. As survival of the fittest is the law, you need to deliver what people want and can delight them are the market leaders. The Indian market is no longer a sellers market. The winner is the one who provides value for money. With our presence across 9 districts across Odisha have 450+ base Customers we provide value addition services like - AMC/CAMC/Unique Commissioning/TIN Shade/DG Revival and many more.


Started DG Sale activity on Year 2011 and maintained sale graph ideally-up by 10% over the past 2 years. To withstand our VISION, grasping 40% market share by end of 2020, we need to work hard and deliver what we promise by generating more referral business satisfying our valued Customers. We are quite confident with our post sales activities, the only key measuring element for our growth, we will achieve our milestone. We treat Customer as our own Family Member and to realize them we initiate various CRM/CSR activities like Celebrating DG Birthday / SAMBANDH Visit / Plantation / Customer Meet etc. We have stretched our reach to all most all segments like Hospital, Bank, Petrol/Diesel Outlets, Residential, Real-estate, Hotels, Food & Beverage, Education, Government Sectors, Construction, Factory, Infrastructure, Rental, Retail-outlets etc.


With a vision to restore the strength of an old DG like a new one, we started our own RENOVO centre in the Year 2013. This is one more value addition service for our Valued Customer where we undertake complete re-modeling job from 7.5KVA to 250 KVA with a concept of POWERING Smile. Needless to say, we extend warranty on our workmanship and make Customer feel confident using as a new product.


Tele Infra Management which got introduced in the Year 2011, we provide Comprehensive & Non-Comprehensive maintenance for passive Infra Telecom equipments. Where our services are not restricted to only DG but for all passive equipments installed. This speaks about our confident on our own team and calculative risk taking ability to face any challenges for our growth. Our confidence has fetched us additional business revenue and as of today we have taken maintenance of 810+ Telecom Sites of different Telecom Companies.